Liveyon presents, The hope cell

8 Episode, Cinematic Docu-Series 
Our new product Liveyon Pure® is going abroad. As we set out to establish Liveyon Labs, Inc. as an international manufacturer this year, we will be documenting our entire scientific journey throughout China and Central America.

Filming a very unique cinematic Docu-Series to capture a never before seen perspective into the conception of a production campaign that will have the potential to restore hope and understanding for the miraculous nature of stem cell science on a global level. Liveyon Presents, The Hope Cell.

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As we gear up to begin pre-production for this exclusive documentary special, our production objectives from storyboarding to casting has officially been "green lit." You can stay updated with all of our campaign blue prints and our execution plans as we set out to film this never before explored subject matter surrounding the expansion of stem cell science. We would love to make this experience very interactive for the patients, physicians, and scientific community within the regenerative medicine industry, so please fill out our form below to let us know of your interest into our workflow process before we set out on our cinematic adventure. 

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